January 20, 2024

Case Studies

In today's competitive logistics landscape, optimizing freight spend is crucial for maintaining profitability and efficiency. At Owlery, we pride ourselves on offering solutions that streamline operations, cut costs, and optimize your supply chain. Here's a look at how we helped a major mid-market brand with retail and D2C distribution channels achieve significant savings from one click of a button.

The Challenge

This customer moves 20-30 transfer orders weekly. In one week, fulfilling their orders would have required 19 different trucks to meet each need-by date. However, Owlery’s consolidation and optimization engine reduced this number by 32%, resulting in significant cost savings.

How It Works

  1. Read in Orders: We import transfer, sales, and purchase orders that need to move using our free prebuilt integrations.
  2. Set Up Item Master: Our team helps set up an item master to determine which SKUs can ship together, considering factors like commodity types and temperature requirements.
  3. Optimize Load Fit: Our algorithms consider the constraints of a truck to determine the optimal way to fit your orders onto loads.
  4. Deliver the Best Plan: We provide you with the best plan, ensuring the best price, service quality, and delivery date requirements.

The Power of Data and Optimization

This case study highlights the success of the data-driven and AI-powered approach behind our TMS. As Owlery continues to gather more data about your supply chain, we enhance these optimizations, offering even greater savings and efficiency. Our goal is to provide instant benefits through reduced freight spend and more strategic logistics planning.

Enterprise-Level Solutions for Mid-Market Brands

Typically, such advanced logistics optimizations are only available to large enterprise shippers or through costly outsourced logistics service providers. Companies like Amazon and Walmart have dedicated logistics teams and sophisticated systems that small and mid-market businesses often can't afford. By partnering with Owlery, mid-market brands gain access to these high-level optimization techniques without the exorbitant costs. Our platform makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of efficient logistics and significant cost savings.

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