May 14, 2024

Product Updates

Finally, Accurate Freight Costs

We're thrilled to announce the latest features of Owlery to ensure your logistics costs are accurate. You can now be certain that what you're invoiced (and pay) is correct, and you can automatically allocate and track costs associated with each part of your supply chain. All from one central place in Owlery.

Interested in enabling these features? Reach out to your account manager or schedule a call with our Customer Success team to get started.

Invoice Audits

Easily compare your invoiced bills to what you were quoted or your contracted rates. Owlery will automatically identify any discrepancies, allowing you to swiftly generate dispute reports for your carriers or approval reports for your finance team.

Cost Allocation

Tracking where your money goes is crucial, and Owlery makes it easier than ever to allocate costs within your business. Whether assigning costs by distribution channel, department, business line, or project, we can configure your unique requirements in just minutes.

Want to unlock these features?

Head on over to the Invoice Review section in Owlery to start using this. And our Customer Success team is standing to help you get the most out of these, so that you can focus on having:

  • Instant Control: Get real-time alerts on any invoice discrepancies to resolve issues swiftly.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Gain detailed insights with easy cost allocation across your business.
  • Boosted Efficiency: Reduce administrative tasks and focus more on strategic decision-making through automation.

Owlery is always focused on getting you a faster, more reliable, and cost effective supply chain. Let us know if there's something you need so we can get it on our roadmap!

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