March 6, 2024

Case Studies

Harvesting Success

Owlery Transforms Daily Harvest’s Logistics


In 2015, Daily Harvest emerged as a high-growth frozen food brand, reaching a valuation of $1.1B by 2022. Daily Harvest’s logistics team had fully outsourced all of their freight, leaving their team with limited visibility and control over tracking and coordination. The team had four major goals in transitioning to a logistics platform:

Take control over their workflow and freight
Reduce manual processes; streamline load optimization and load planning
Generate documentation necessary for transparency with partners
Gain better visibility into spend


Enter Owlery, the fast and flexible technology solution perfectly suited for the dynamic growth of Daily Harvest. With just a week of planning, the team transitioned onto Owlery’s centralized platform and immediately reaped the benefits of having a bird’s eye view of their supply chain.

Having all of Daily Harvest’s supply chain data in one place empowered the team to make big-picture decisions and define a clear and comprehensive strategy. Streamlined invoicing and spending data, coupled with options from additional providers, enabled them to manage rates effectively. Load optimization also improved, in some cases reducing the trucks needed by a third.

Featured Outcomes

Realized a 25% savings in freight costs by:
Eliminating the need for a managed transportation provider
Negotiating better rates
Improving load optimization
Identified duplicate billings, covering the cost of Owlery
Savings allowed for the addition of a new team member
Provided a full audit record for support during disputes
Enabled entry into a new distribution channel (retail)

With Owlery, you don’t just get incredible technology; you get a trusted partnership with industry veterans and a valuable extension of your team.

Wesley Williams
VP of Supply Chain

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